Rumble Roller Review

Which is better, the foam roller, or the Rumble Roller?

If you have very sore muscles or are tight, regular flexibility and deep tissue work  is very important. .  We all get tight.  Staying tight will inhibit range of motion which can limit performance, increase risk of injury, and give us annoying aches and pains.  It takes just 15-20 minutes out of your day to keep your joints working properly and stay pain-free.

Whether you are athletic or not, I would start out with the regular foam roller as the Rumble Roller may be too intense.  The Rumble Roller is a foam roller with little knobs all over it, designed to get much deeper into muscles and into specific trigger points.  The foam roller is better tolerated for tighter more painful areas of the body like I.T. bands and shin muscles .  For everything else, the Rumble Roller is the only way to go.  It is particularly effective on lats, shoulder girdle, hamstrings, calves, and neck.  It feels amazing, especially after you are done using it!  It promotes flexibility, range of motion, and relaxation of the body.  Using it consistently will undoubtedly help your nagging aches and pains and improve posture.  Although nothing can replace a massage therapist, the Rumble Roller is designed to do the deep tissue work a massage therapist would do.

The Rumble Roller is considerably pricier than the regular foam roller, but with good reason.  It is a higher quality product and will last much longer, through years of use.  A regular foam roller is $20-$25; the Rumble Roller $75.  In my opinion it is worth the money.  I’ve also had great feedback from clients and coworkers.  They’ve all said they much prefer the Rumble Roller over the regular foam roller because it works on trigger points very well.  I’m sure that once you try it, you’ll agree!

Because the Rumble Roller works deep tissue, it is normal to have mild to moderate muscular soreness the following day.  To minimize soreness and eliminate toxins, it is important to drink lots of water following a flexibility session.  (I am not sponsored or paid by Rumble Roller)

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