Why should you cut out processed food?


But, processed food is so convenient!  Is it really that bad for you?

We all are very busy — working full time, taking care of our children, running errands, doing housework, and trying to finish a never ending “to-do” list.  There’s just no time to cook, and picking up something fast or pre-made is so easy!  But, is it REALLY worth sacrificing yours and your family’s health?  Definitely not….

Here’s why processed food IS that bad!:

  •  GMO ingredients are in nearly all processed food.  GMO’s have been shown to cause tumors in lab animals and make insects stomachs EXPLODE.  Many 3rd world countries have banned GMO food and seed imports…and these people are starving!
  • All processed food is full of chemicals and stabilizers, many of which have been banned in other countries.

    Processed food
    Processed food
  • Processed food can cause or worsen digestive problems.
  • Artificial colors and flavors have been proven to cause behavioral problems like ADHD, especially in children.
  • Growth hormones in conventional dairy cause hormone problems in those who eat them.
  • “pink slime” and mechanically separated “meat” is beyond disgusting.
  • The world’s top processed food manufacturers are destroying rain forests, paying workers next to nothing, and employing children.
  • Bees, birds, bats, and other wildlife are being killed off by pesticides and herbicides at an alarming rate.
  • Monsanto and other biotech companies have been granted immunity from the courts, so they can continue to push out GMO’s without fear of being sued.
  • Sugar consumption causes obesity, diabetes, behavioral and learning disorders, and skin problems.
  • Processed food zaps your energy and lowers brain chemicals responsible for learning and memory.
  • Don’t count calories, count chemicals!
  • FRESH FOOD has no hidden ingredients and has more nutrients.
  • Fast Food actually cost more money.  For example, a fast food meal of a burger, fries, and soda is around $5-$6, that could buy you a pound of chicken and a pound of broccoli that would last for several meals!
  • FRESH FOOD looks better, tastes better, is much higher quality, and is made with love!
  • Opting for FRESH FOOD over processed food makes it easy to support local farmers!
  • Cooking with FRESH FOOD is fun, creative, and stimulating for you and your children!

Making healthy meals from scratch for you and your family is so worth it.  To save time, I like to make enough to last more than one meal.  Crock pots are also awesome.  You can quickly make a large quantity of healthy food, set the timer, and come home to wonderful smells and a delicious meal already made!

Check out some of my recipes  http://amandacomstock.wpengine.com/category/recipes/

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