Mixing up your workout routine

Are you bored with your workout routine?

People who are bored with their workouts are shown to be more likely to quit.  It’s also likely that if you are bored you are at a plateau with your training goals, whether the goal is performance-based or weight loss/getting healthier.  This can feel like you’re just spinning your wheels or even wasting you’re time, which is particularly frustrating.  Help with changing a workout routine is one reason why many people seek out a fitness professional.

workout routine

Here are some fresh ideas if you’d like to make a change to your workout routine!

Use new tools.

We all have our comfortable go-to props.  Try using something different.

  • For example, instead of using a bench to do chest presses, try doing a bridge position on a BOSU or yoga ball to increase your stabilization skills.
  • Try using medicine balls for core training instead of just plain crunches.
  • Try resistance bands instead of weights.
  • Switch up your cardio machine or get outside for hiking, jogging, or even try something new like a rock climbing gym.

Try a class.

New classes can challenge you because each instructor will do things differently.  In addition, a group setting can be mentally motivating due to human’s natural competitive nature.

Change up your reps and rest periods.

This will kick your butt!  If you’re used to lifting 5-7 reps and chatting — I mean, resting for several minutes between sets, try circuit training!  Decrease the weight, bump up the reps to 15, and decrease your rest period to 20 seconds.  On the flip side, if you’ve been lifting light for a long time, go a bit heavier to challenge your body!

Do short cardio bouts between weight lifting sets for a killer endurance workout!

This style of workout is GREAT when you are short on time and torches calories!  Jump rope, sprint, or run stairs for 2 minutes.

Try some plyometrics.

Plyometric exercises don’t need to be extreme like jumping onto a 4 foot box : ) Start with a 6 inch step if it’s a little scary.  Plyometrics are great for building bone density!

Try interval training.

If you mostly or always do steady-state cardio, there’s no question your body has adapted to this workout routine.  Do a 1 minute sprint followed by 2 minutes of easy intensity, for 20-30 minutes total. (High Intensity Interval Training)  Studies show this will elevate your overall cardio endurance and give you a metabolism boost post-workout!

Workout with a partner.

Trade ideas and push each other!  Just make sure that you and your partner do more exercising than chatting : ) save that for your post-workout meal time!


Changing your workout routine does take a little creativity, but there’s no need to over-think things.  The bottom line is just try something different.





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