BOSU vs stability ball

bosu vs stability ball

BOSU or Stability Ball

I am definitely a fan of both the bosu and stability ball; I regularly use both for training clients and in my own workouts.  They can both be used for a variety of exercises and for many levels of fitness.  However, each one does have advantages exclusive from the other.  Here is a review of each piece of equipment BOSU vs stability ball.


For those who are novices to balance and stabilization skills, the BOSU balance trainer is better to start with than stability ball.  Because it has a platform on one side of the ball, it offers greater stability to the user for core work, squats, and floor bridges.  Generally speaking, the BOSU balance trainer is the more versatile piece of equipment.  Very basic exercises can safely be performed for beginners and/or physical therapy purposes, as well as advanced exercises such as single leg squats.  Using both sides of the BOSU (the ball side, and the platform side), there are many, many variations that can be done with core work, squats, lunges, glute and hamstring work, plyometrics, and even upper body strength.  Using just the BOSU and a set of dumbbells you can get a full body workout, tailored to your fitness level!  The BOSU trainer is also great to use at home, especially if space is a concern.  It takes up much less room than the stability ball, is easier to store, and is safer around children.

Drawbacks of the BOSU balance trainer is rather heavy, and not something you can travel with.  It is also much more expensive than the stability ball, priced at $110.

Stability Ball

Like the BOSU, the stability ball is great for stabilization training, core work, and glute & hamstring work.  The base fitness level for the stability ball is beginner-intermediate.  Very advanced exercises can be performed by the most skilled of athletes like push-ups, and even squats.  For core work purposes, the stability ball definitely offers more exercise variety, variation, and difficulty than the BOSU trainer.  For someone looking to target the core specifically, the stability ball is the better choice.  Using only the stability ball, you can get an amazing core workout with dozens of different exercises, from basic to very complex!

The stability ball is still a good piece of equipment to have at home but it takes up more space unless deflated.  Because it deflates and is lightweight, it packs and travels well.  The stability ball is very affordable at about $30-$40.  It is recommended to keep away from children and pets.

If I had to choose to own one or the other, the BOSU balance trainer gets my vote because of overall versatility.  I own one myself and use it regularly for at-home full body workouts!


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