Top 5 ways to relieve post-injury pain

Lingering pain following an injury or muscle strain can keep you from progressing in your workouts/sport and even engaging in the things you enjoy.  Or, maybe your pain comes from lifestyle issues such as a sedentary job or lack of exercise.  I understand lingering pain very well due to multiple injuries over the years and muscle imbalances, particularly low back and muscular hip pain.  I want to do my best to help you relieve post-injury pain!

Here are my top 5 ways to relieve post-injury pain:

  1. Get a professional assessment from a well-qualified physical therapist, chiropractor, personal trainer, or massage therapist to determine WHAT your imbalances and weaknesses are.  You can’t fix it until you know where your problems lie.
  2. Begin strengthening the weaknesses, focusing on single leg/arm exercises. For me, one issue was a hamstring imbalance.  My left lateral hamstring was weak relative to my right lateral hamstring, causing my hips to shift in a dysfunctional way when walking, running, and lifting weights.  This resulted in chronic back pain.
  3. Start foam rolling and stretching EVERYTHING.  This may require detailed instruction.  After the general flexibility work, begin focusing more specifically on your imbalances. Using my above example, I focus on stretching and rolling my right lateral hamstring.
  4. KEEP MOVING.  Many people think if they hurt, it’s best to rest it.  This is the wrong move.  It will cause further muscle atrophy and increased muscle tightness which will make pain worse and the healing process longer.  Even if you hurt, work with a trainer to Exercise while injured and flexibility work.

Be consistent with your exercise and rehab program it is the best way to get healed and pain free.

relieve post-injury pain

relieve post-injury pain


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