Stretching Exercises for Back Pain

Stretching Exercises for Back Pain. Not only does stretching feel good, stretching is also one of the best ways to relive back pain. Stretching relaxes of the muscles that are pulling on your back and adding to the discomfort or and pain.  These 6 exercises have helped my clients with their back pain.


1.  Stretch your abs and psoas.  The psoas is an important core muscle that when tight pulls on your low back.




2.  This stretching exercises for back pain will stretch your hip, specifically your glute and piriformis.  The piriformis is a deep gluteal muscle.                When this is tight, it often causes back pain or sciatica.


                           3.  Stretching your hip flexors can help correct posture and give you a flatter stomach appearance.



4.    Lengthen your lats with this relaxing stretch!


5.   You will feel this stretch from your hip to your toes.  This lengthens the gluteal complex, hamstring, and calf.   


Stretching Exercises for Back Pain

6.  Pelvic tilt back stretch 



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