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Bison burger lettuce wrap / The *Easiest* Healthy Recipe

bison burger lettuce wrap

Bison Burger Lettuce wrap


  • 1.25 lb Ground Bison\
  • Garlic salt, onion powder, montreal steak seasoning
  • lettuce / tomato / avocado


  • Press out 4 burger patties
  • Season liberally
  • Prepare lettuce / tomato / avocado
  • Grill HIGH HEAT flip after 3-4 mins, depending on your grill
  • another 3-4 minutes on the other side
  • Remove from grill
  • Take off the grill and *LET IT REST* for at least a few minutes.


The great thing about the Bison burger lettuce wrap is that you can prepare it in a snap w/o a lot of ingredients.  So whether you’re in a pinch for time or have a lack of groceries in the cabinet Bison burger saves the day.  I like to keep a couple packages in the freezer for emergency healthy meal backup. : )

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