Rumble Roller Gator Review

Rumble Roller Gator review.  I’ve tested the newest addition to the Rumble Roller product line, the Rumble Roller Gator.  I’m loving the smaller size (in length and in circumference) making it easier to pack & carry to the gym or traveling.  I find it to be more user friendly and my clients at the gym like it because it’s less aggressive than the regular Rumble Roller which is quite a beast, but more aggressive than a standard foam roller.

The New Rumble Roller Gator

Rumble Roller Gator review

Improved features of the NEW Gator:

  • Small diameter roller with small octagon-shaped teeth to intensify the massage and relax the muscle.
  • Antimicrobial material prevents bacterial growth and repels dirt.
  • Maintains it’s shape with use so it lasts years.
  • Allergen free making it safe for all users.
  • Dimensions 5.5 x 22 inches / weight 2 lbs.

This roller is designed specifically for cross-frictional massage to improve tissue mobility all over the body.  It can even reduce stubborn scar tissue that seems to stick around after an injury!

Following a tough workout, you’re likely to be sore and tender all over your body.  The Gator is firm enough to get deep, but not so aggressive that it’s too painful to use.  Other, more aggressive rollers are better saved for days you’re not as sore to get a deeper level of tissue release.

My favorite areas to use the Gator:  Hamstrings, calves, and hip flexors.  The hip flexors can be one of the most challenging areas to get to using a roller, I find most rollers and balls just can’t quite get the job done.  The size and cross-frictional action of the Gator is PERFECT to release such a stubborn area!  The cross-friction technique is also nice on the lats, since the lats are a large muscle that tend to have pesky knots.

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