Why I Choose IDLife products

Why I choose IDLife products, because they’re quality!  As a fitness professional, I’ve been pitched a lot of products and supplements through the years.  Rarely do they measure up to my standards.  A few months ago I was introduced to the ID Life products line and like always, I was skeptical at first.

Personal Trainer Amanda Comstock chooses IDLife

The ID Life products line totally exceeded my expectations!  Here’s why:

  • The products don’t contain cheap useless fillers and questionable ingredients like the vast majority of other supplements.
  • The products are allergen friendly: gluten, soy, & dairy free, and non-GMO.
  • The supplements are tested in an independent lab.
  • The products are conveniently ordered online at an affordable price and shipped in a few days directly to your door.
  • The ID Life “Experience” is unique and customized for your individual nutritional needs!  Take the HIPAA compliant questionnaire now to find out what nutritional gaps you can fill @  ajcoms1.idlife.com


Why is nutrition and proper supplementation so important anyway?

When someone comes to me with a fat-loss goal, they typically ask these questions: How many workouts per week do I need to lose weight?  How much cardio do I need?  How many calories do I eat?

What they’re totally missing is what it takes to be successful with fat loss outside of the gym.  You’re in the gym for maybe 3-6 hours per week…what about the other 162 hours?  What’s happening then?  Take a look at a baseline foundation of health to create real, lasting change.  

It’s not just about crushing workout after workout and slashing calories.  This approach is unsustainable and you will burn out fast!

Begin by giving your body a chance to heal and trust you.  Give your body the fuel, nutrients, and rest that is needs.  Nothing in the gym can do that for you.

The ID Life customized nutrition packs also eliminate pill bottles to make supplementation a breeze.

I trust the IDLife products.

I understand being overwhelmed and lost in the vast world of supplements.  Most of them are not quality and even may not contain what they say.  I put my name behind the ID Life brand!


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