Workout Tips for Beginners

Beginning a workout program can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  As a beginner, progress can be made quickly.  This is great for motivation.  However, the array of gym equipment, conflicting training styles, and conflicting nutritional information can be really confusing.  If you’re wanting to begin a fitness program and need some basic direction, here are my best workout tips for beginners.

Get started with these workout tips for beginners

Be clear about your goals and use a training method to get you there.

Sound easier said than done?  Write down several short-term goals and one overall long-term goal.  For example, short-term: Lose 1lb/week; long-term: lose 50lbs.  Or, run a 5k in July; run a half marathon next spring.  If you aren’t sure of the type of training to best get you to your goals, do yourself a HUGE favor and hire a trainer – even if it’s for only 1 or 2 sessions.  With some basic guidance from a trainer you will save yourself from a lot of time wasting, guessing, and frustration.

For example, if your goal is to run a half marathon, begin with some 1 mile jogs and body weight strength training.  Sign up for a couple of 5K runs.  Gradually increase distance and speed work.  If your goal is to lose 50lbs, focus heavily on strength training and some beginner sprint/interval workouts.  If your goal is to get in shape for ski season, focus on lower body specific and core exercises.

Learn and practice the proper form and technique to what you’re doing.

Nothing is a bigger waste of time than training with bad form.  You won’t get anywhere and you are likely to get injured.  Don’t be too proud to ask for help.  Do yourself a HUGE favor and hire the right trainer to show you.  This may be one lesson, or twenty lessons!  One common mistake is lifting too heavy before tackling flexibility issues.  For example, doing pull-downs and rows with tight pectorals, or doing heavy squats or lunges with tight hip flexors.  If you aren’t sure what your flexibility issues are, hire a professional (trainer or massage therapist) to point them out.  It’s worth the money!

Plan your workouts and stick to that plan.

If your workouts are planned in your calendar you are much more likely to stick to the plan.  Some do best in the morning, some at lunch time, some after work…the point is, figure out what works best for you and your schedule and stick with it!  Skipped workouts will delay progress which in turn lowers motivation.  This time is for YOU, make YOU a priority, YOU deserve it.

Be consistent with workouts and a positive attitude.

I really can’t over emphasize that.  If you want results, consistency over a period of time is a must.  Don’t expect results overnight.  It will take months, or even years.  You have to be patient!  Remember, quitting never got anyone closer to their goals!

Don’t neglect nutrition and recovery.

You can’t out train a bad diet.  Nope.  Nobody can.

Sleep.  Early and often.

Make small, achievable weekly goals to stay motivated.

Don’t beat yourself up over the long-term that seems forever away.  Again, be patient and consistent and results will come.  Weekly obtainable goals can boost self-esteem, confidence, and motivation.

These workout tips for beginners will help guide you to success!

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