Upper body lower body split training

Are you bored with your routine or have you plateaued?

If you work the same combos of muscles each day on a weekly schedule, you are probably due for a change. It’s time to incorporate upper body lower body split training.  Working the same body parts in the same order will not only get boring, but it’s likely you’ll hit a plateau.  A great way to change things up is to incorporate an upper body/lower body split.  This is a style of training I use with clients because there are many benefits.  It’s not a style of training I see used very often, most people stick with an old school approach like back/biceps, chest/triceps, etc.  That’s great and all, but don’t you want to step your game up?

Benefits of upper body lower body split training

upper body lower body split
Athletic client using a bench press in a fitness center
  1. This style of training is extremely time efficient.  If you have limited days you can get to the gym, this workout style is for you!!  With upper body/lower body split training you can get a complete full-body workout which means you can reduce the frequency of training.  Your body will actually require more rest.  Try 2-3 full body workouts per week for 45-60 minutes.
  2. You will definitely take your fitness to the next level!  Super-setting upper body and lower body exercises, especially large muscle groups like legs and back, creates a demand for blood and oxygen all over the body.  You can get more fit in a shorter period of time using the upper body lower body split style.
  3. Burn tons of calories in a short period of time.  Try to stick with compound moves such as alternating squats with bench press, or lunges with pull-ups.

Rest periods

You can vary your rest periods between upper body and lower body exercises.  Try lifting heavy one day with longer rest periods, and then on another day lift lighter for endurance training with short rests.

Eat to perform well

Since this style of training can be very physically demanding, make sure you are fueling your body 1-2 hours pre-workout with a starch, fruit, protein, and fat.  Don’t run on empty, your performance will be lack luster.  Post-workout should be another starch, protein, and lots of veggies.  Use a protein shake if you’d like, but many protein shakes are very low in calories, so make sure you are getting enough!  As always, hydrate with plain water before, during, and after workout.

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