Post holiday workout at home

post holiday workout
Post holiday workout at home

In a post holiday workout rut?  Dust yourself off and get moving!

Feeling guilty for too many indulgences this holiday season?  Time to move on – and get moving!  We are half way through January – no more excuses.  This post holiday workout is fast and can be done with minimal space and equipment!

Do each exercise for 45 sec, resting for 10-20 seconds in between.  Repeat the circuit twice through.

  1. Sumo squats (feet turned out, wide stance.)
  2. Lunges, alternating legs.
  3. Hip thrusts (this is done laying on your back with legs bent and feet on the floor, or chair)
  4. Push-ups (on knees if push-ups are difficult for you)
  5. Jump squats with calf raise
  6. Mountain climbers
  7. V-sits (abs)
  8. Jumping jacks
  9. ball or floor crunches

Using long exercise bands with handles:

  1. Rows (wrap band around a post)
  2. Shoulders: Lateral raise; and overhead press
  3. Biceps curl
  4. Triceps extensions
  5. Squat to standing with torso twist (wrap band around post, grab both handles with both hands, squat and stand with twist to each shoulder, arms straight.)

Do each exercise for 45 seconds and repeat circuit twice.

This post-holiday workout is just what you need to get the ball rolling for a healthier and happier YOU in 2016!



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