Carpal tunnel relief today!

transverse carpal ligament compressed median nerve
transverse carpal ligament compressed median nerve

What exactly is carpal tunnel?

First, let me explain in simple terms what carpal tunnel is.  It is a pinched nerve – the median nerve – that runs from the base of the skull right behind the ear, down the side of the neck, down the front side of the shoulder, bicep, and forearm to the wrist, thumb, index finger, and middle finger.

Carpal tunnel can arise by overuse of the hand.  It’s typically overuse of the thumb and index finger squeezing/holding objects repeatedly for long periods of time.  However, that’s not the only way a person can get carpal tunnel.  Many times, and often overlooked, is the neck itself.

Poor posture creates a forward head, slumping shoulders, and weak front neck muscles.  This is perpetuated by very tight rear and side neck muscles. This causes the “tunnel” of the median nerve to narrow and get inflamed which pinches the nerve.  The nerve travels to the thumb and fingers so commonly a person experienced tingling and numbness.  It can be most bothersome at night when the person tries to relax and sleep.

You can easily get carpal tunnel relief today!

Here are 4 simple things you can do, and they WORK!

  1. Do this hand exercise: Put a moderately tight rubber band around your finger knuckles and thumb.  Open your hand while spreading your fingers, making a claw. Pause, then close and relax your hand.  Continue to open and close the “claw” to total fatigue.  Do this several times per day.
  2. To address the neck, get a baseball and use it for deep tissue release.  This is a little tricky and will take practice, but this is what fixed my carpal tunnel.  It can be done 2 ways.  One is placing the ball against the wall in the crook of your neck (side of the neck and at the base, near where the collar bone meets.)  Tilt your neck away from ball to get deeper.
  3. Stretch: With your arm straight, parallel to the floor, and out to the side (not out in front of you) place the palm of your hand on a wall, fingers facing the ceiling.  Using your opposite hand, gently stretch your neck by pulling your head lightly away from the wall.  In other words, if the carpal tunnel is in your right hand, you’ll pull the right side of your head away from the wall, left ear going toward the left shoulder.  Do not over-stretch, be gentle.
  4. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet: Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies and organic meats.  Eliminate flour and dairy until the condition has cleared up.  I also recommend tumeric.

Carpal tunnel doesn’t have to keep you up at night, and don’t let anyone tell you you need surgery to cure it.  With these simple exercises, your carpal tunnel will be gone in no time!




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