Top 5 recommended supplements

It can be tough to shuffle through what seems like endless supplement recommendations and advertisements.  What do you need, and what don’t you need?  What’s worth it, and what’s a waste of money? Here are my top 5 recommended supplements that will give you a very beneficial nutritional boost!  It doesn’t end there, a nutritional boost leads to positive body composition changes!

top 5 recommended supplements

Top 5 recommended supplements, and why:

  1. Vitamin D-3: Unless you live in a sunny climate AND are actually in the sun regularly (AND don’t slather on the SPF 50) you should be supplementing vitamin D.  Vitamin D-3 is important for calcium absorption, protects you from multiple diseases including cancer, and boosts weight loss.  The best way to get vitamin D is through the natural sunlight – about 15 minutes/day with exposed skin.  During winter months, take a quality vitamin D-3 supplement of 2000 IUs per day, more if you’re already deficient.
  2.  Iodine: Iodine is critical to thyroid health and function.  If you’re thyroid is functioning slowly, weight loss will be next to impossible no matter what.  Dosage needs can vary from person to person, so get your levels checked to determine.  For more about iodine deficiency problems, read my full article on iodine deficiency.
  3. A high-quality fish oil:  I highly recommend Nordic Naturals brand.  Fish oil is a concentrated source of omega-3 fats which is anti-inflammatory, is protective against degenerative diseases, increases metabolism, and pro-flat-belly.  Never buy the capsules unless you want to commit to taking 12 per day, buy the actual oil.
  4. Magnesium: This one is missed by many people.  Why is magnesium so important?  It improves blood pressure and relaxation of blood vessels, regulation of blood sugar levels (which directly affects insulin, which directly affects your body composition), improves sleep, muscle function, and the detoxification processes of the body.
  5. A high-quality probiotic: I highly recommend Klaire Labs ther-biotic powder.  When shopping for a probiotic you absolutely want to be sure it is a multi-species (at least 8) and refrigerated at all times to keep the cultures alive.  A do-not-buy-flag is if the probiotic is just “out” on a store shelf. — The cultures will be dead and therefore totally ineffective.

Don’t waste your money on:

  1. Supplements that promise fast weight loss “without dieting or exercising” (always my favorite line!) such as fat burners, diuretics, or block the absorption of calories.
  2. Cleanse/detox products.  That’s what your liver and kidneys are for.
  3. Supplements from most grocery stores. They’re cheap for a reason.
  4. Anything else promising amazing, too good to be true results.  And if you aren’t sure about a supplement, I’d go with NO.



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