10 tips to stick with training


January is the busiest time of year for health clubs.  People sign up for memberships with good intentions: to exercise more, to eat better, to get healthier, to stick with training.  But after the first few weeks of the year, about a third are struggling to show up even once a week.  After several months, most have dropped out completely.  Do you feel like staying motivated is hard for you?  Prioritize, and stick with training to reach your goals.  It’s a great self-esteem boost, and when you’re fit, eating better, and sleeping better, everything else in life is more enjoyable.

stick with training

Here are 10 tips to stick with training:

  1. Schedule your workout in your calendar.  You’re much less likely to skip it due to last minute things that come up.
  2. Lose the All-Or-Nothing mindset.  Don’t think that since you don’t have time to run 5 miles, then forget it.  If you have even 15 minutes, you have plenty of time for exercise.  Workout from home doing a fast-paced circuit of lunges, push-ups, and squats.  Easy.  Done.
  3. Hire a personal trainer, even if you can only meet with him or her once a week.  A trainer will hold you accountable, push you harder than you’ll push yourself, and make sure your form and exercise choices are appropriate.
  4. Find a training partner that shares similar goals.  The two of you can also keep each other on track with healthy food.  Share recipes and do some pot-lucks to get others involved.
  5. Set a goal: Your goal can be anything you want it to be, whether it’s drop a pant size or finish a half-marathon!
  6. Keep a variety in your workouts: Lift heavy, do a trail run, cross-country ski, circuit train with weights, or try pilates.  Keeping a nice variety of indoor and outdoor exercising can keep you from getting bored and stay motivated!  Plus, cross-training will get you more fit than sticking to the same routine.
  7. Keep a food and/or exercise journal:  Remind yourself of your progress!
  8. Ask close friends and family to join you, or at least support you: Bond with those close to you, and hold each other accountable.
  9. Take baby steps: Work your way up from slow and easier exercise, to more difficult challenges.  This will keep you from getting discouraged.
  10.  Live in the present: Don’t linger over bad food choices or missed workouts…Just move forward and get back in the game today!

If you’re about to hit the gym, try one of my favorite workouts for glutes or back!

This year, stick with training and reach your goals!


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